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Ivy (at Podolecki Manor)
Ivy (at Podolecki Manor)
Only Monty knows the true nature of ennui&#8230; (at Podolecki Manor)
Awww yeah, Monty. This is how we chill out around here. (at Podolecki Manor)
Just when you thought the basement was safe&#8230;. (at Podolecki Manor)
West End Commons, formerly St. Matthew&#8217;s Anglican Church. Tentative move-in date for us: October 1st, 2014. So excited! (at West End Commons)
A beautiful arch near our soon-to-be house. (at West End Commons)
More stained glass. (at West End Commons)
Original stained glass from the original St Mathews Anglican Church. We get to LIVE here. (at West End Commons)
Graham rocking his hardhat like a boss. (at West End Commons)